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Building Domain Specific Languages in BooAvailable for early access

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image Well, this is a big moment. My book is now available for as part of the Manning Early Access Program.

Chapter 1 to 4 are already there, but they are there in their nearly raw format. That means that they have not been edited yet, and I didn't put in the results from the review cycle that we did yet.

The book forum is here, I eagerly awaits the posts telling me how off base I am :-)

More seriously, I would appreciate any feedback that you have on the book, the topic, the code, etc.



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Kevin Miller

I grabbed it and am wading into it. This sounds like the book I have been hoping for.

Onur Gumus

Hello congratulations for the book. I am big fan of boo. I've read your free chapter 1. My initial impression is the book language is very fluent , non-boring and very easy to read. Also it looks quite up to date.

Congratulations again

Philip Løventoft

Looks good. I read a bit of it and I quite liked it. However almost 60 $ for the printed book seems a little bit steep, but maybe that's just me ;) Keep up the good work !


Have you looked at IronPython ?

I'm curious if you can do the same things that you are doing with Boo

Or is there something Boo has that IronPython doesn't ?


you should reserve like 5000+ copies of this book right out of print and send them out to people "custom signed and dedicated". That would more than justify $60 for everyone out there ;)

otherwise... it's realy cool you used your "artist name" for the book.

Ayende Rahien


IronPython works, at some level, but you have no control over the compiler. That means that you need to use ther ways to handle that.

I know that people are writing DSL in Python, but I am not familiar with the technical details.

Ayende Rahien


you have obviously never seen my hand writing :-)


Good stuff Ayende!

Now have you signed up for: Manning Building a Zoo with Rhino.Commons, Manning Riding on the MonoRail, Manning Building a Fortress with Castle Project... Hmm oh wait, if you keep writing books, that would mean less times for blog posts. Arrrgh scratch that idea...


Waiting and reading to get your book Ayende! good job!!!

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