ASP.Net Ajax, Error Handling and WTF

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I am facing some really unpleasant choices at the moment. And I thought it would be so easy.
I wanted to add global error handling to all the web services that we expose as [ScriptService].
For some reason, they didn't show up in the Application_Error event, and that caused the exception details to be sent to the client.
It looks like for some strange reasons, web services exceptions don't go through the Application_Error, so I implemented a SoapExtension to handle that, but ScriptService doesn't go through the Soap layers, so it obviously doesn't work.
Then I went and looked at the code.
The whole thing is _hard coded_ inside, and there is no way in.
No way to globally capture exception being raised from script services.
No way in to add this ability.
Urgh! Argh!

I mean, it is not like I want something very special, it sounds to me like a reasonable request.
Yes, I know you can turn off the error in the config, but I would like, you know, to log this.

Of course, everything is internal in there, so I can't just go and override the RestHandler. ExecuteWebServiceCall(), I would have to have a private build of this stuff.
Just to be able to log exceptions.