Sin City

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I saw the moive last night, and I can honestly say that I still have no idea aoubt what this moive is about, except that it stongly reminds me of Kill Bill, except that  Tarantino knows how to use colors, and Rodriguez doesn't. The whole thing gives a good sense of a graphic novel, except that there is not sense in the pictures on the screen. We start with an honest cop saving a girl from torture and muder, then we move to some brute that didn't like his girl being murdered, so he cuts people up (and he's the good guy), to another story about hiding the body of a rotten cop, then it's back again to the cop-saving-girl;

I usually love film noir movies, but there is no purpose, no sense of direction in this movie, there is no conneccting line between all the stories, and none of them is closed in a statisfactory way. Did I already mentioned the similiarities to Kill Bill? Where Kill Bill manages to convey a sense of beauty in all its violence, Sin City merely made me wonder whatever Superman had been visiting there (multiply bullets wounds without effects, etc).

All in all, very unsatisfying movie.