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I just found about eLibPro, which is a personal library manager with tight integration to Amazon.

I must say that I'm liking it more the longer I'm using it. I managed to enter in two or three hours all my purchases from amazon (a lousy 143 books, or 2,254$ in seven years). It was very interesting to just remeber those books. I was suprised how much I remembered about each book just from its cover.

However, I still have ~1,000 (no, I'm not kidding, this is my personal library, and I read a lot) to catalog. Most of those books can easily be cataloged if I had a bar code scanner, like CueCat, or something similar. I checked, and the pricing for those things are quite out of range. I need something personal, no for a shop 24x7 tool.

Any ideas about what can be had in Israel? For that matter, is there a similar database for Hebrew books (of which I've considerably more than English ones)??

Any info would be appriciated.