Blog feedback, and a request for help

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Luke Breuer has the following to say about this blog.

Perhaps you do not care, but Subtext is getting on my nerves.  I love reading your blog, love reading comments, and feel that I have learned a lot from you.  Hopefully you have learned at least one useful thing from my comments.  With that said:

  1. I cannot track comments unless I write something manual to do it.  (To be fair, I have asked the commentful folks to add support for SubText, and gave them all the XPath/ID/Class information they need to do it.)
  2. Code looks horrible in comments.
  3. Refresh is BROKEN in Firefox 2.0.  It does not show new comments.  I have to activate my URL bar and hit [enter].  I think Javascript is the culprit, as it seems to be hiding new comments right after the refresh.
  4. Post categories are not show for posts (only a list of all post categories is findable).
  5. Comment URLs are not auto-linkified.
  6. Your comments are the most beautiful ones I have seen.  I like cleaner separation between posts.  However, this is definitely personal opinion, hence its last position in this list.
  7. Why should I have to type in the four-letter code when I've made plenty of comments that weren't spam, all from the same IP that has never submitted spam? :grrrr:

I mostly agrees with his comments. Some of them are fixable with the skinning abilities of SubText, some may require changing the code base, etc.

I will say in advance that I have looked into SubText only long enough to know how to make it work for this site. I don't have the time or the inclination to go ahead and try to fix those issues.

Therefor, I would like to ask you, dear reader, for help. This blog is running SubText, no fancy customizations or anything like that. It is run in a single user mode.

The blog skin is avialable here:

Suggestions to upgrade to a newer version (assuming it supports these new features/fixes) or patches that support it are welcome.

Thanks in advance,