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Rhino.ETLProviding Answers

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It would be easier to me to answer a few of the questions that has cropped up regarding Rhino.ETL.

Boo vs. Ruby: Why I choose to go with Boo rather than Ruby. Very simple reasoning, my familiarity with Boo. I can make Boo do a lot of stuff already, I would have to start from scratch on Ruby. I don't see any value in one over the other, frankly, is there a reason behind the preference?

NAnt ETL Tasks: The main problem I have with such an endeavor is that it is back to XML again, if I want to build complex processes, I want them to be easy to follow, and that exclude XML.

Active Warehouse: Interesting idea, but that is using the imperative approach, I want to do something a little more declarative, and I really want it to be on the .Net platform (hence, much more familiar & debuggable). I also in a position where I believe that it would actually take me less time to build the tool than learn a tool in a new language.

Other OSS ETL tools: There are quite a few OSS ETL tools that has been raised, they all share one problem from my perspective, they are not .Net and they are all visual / XML oriented.

I should also mention that I am building this project as preemptive step against the next project ETL's requirements, so I have both time to build it, and I have the craziest itch to scratch after dealing with SSIS in this project. The last time I was this excited about something, Rhino Mocks came out :-)

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Yeah! Go Ayende Go!

So, who's writing the designer?


And if you come up with something that allows anyone to avoid the current state of SSIS, that would be awesome.

I mean, the pretty visual boxes look so nice...if they only worked.

Ayende Rahien


You do :-)

I will wait for the patch :-D

Richard LOPES

Hi Ayende

We should start a "Developer's Idol" programme. I vote for you for sure ;-) !

I'm really amazed by your early progresses and you are saving my day, because, now I can avoid SSIS and hack my way into my new project.

Regarding Ruby, it will be good to talk about it again when IronRuby will be mature enough. I am eagerly waiting for it. For the time being, I am learning IronPython and it's a great scripting language for .Net.

What about a Statue for Ayende ;-) (just joking) ?

Keep the good work,


C-J Berg

You're right on the spot on the other OSS alternatives: most are either too visually oriented or they are overusing XML (coughJavacough). Heck, if you can come up with a proper DSL for ETL, I don't see any reason to build a designer. A scaffolding tool would probably be helpful, but you shouldn't need more than that to be productive.



Sure, why not. Where do I checkout the code from?

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