Babylon == Spyware: The WTF doesn't end!

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As I said, after the email exchange with Babylon, I was left with a sour taste regarding them. I have restored my key from a backup, and I have put the episode behind me, until a few minutes ago, when I go this dialog on my system. I was shocked, because I couldn't believe that someone like Babylon would get to these kind of tactics.

As you can see (the dialog below), I am a registered  user, so it is not "reminding" me that I need to register. This is an invasive advertising on my desktop and without my permission! 


There is a word for that, and that is called a spyware! 

You may notice the link at the bottom of the dialog, where it says that I can opt out by going to their site. I did, and it too me here (with a bunch of query strings that I stripped) where it asked me for a CATPCHA to un-register from this!