Team Foundation Scalability ??? And why CodePlex exists?

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I got a comment from Jonathan Wanagel on my CodePlex WTF. I complained that I couldn't get an access to source via Team System. I do not consider tarballs to be a good way of getting source for projects that I may be interested at. There is too much stuff that I cannot do that I should be able to (diff, reverts, easy update to new revision, patches, etc).

Here is the comment:

Unfortunately TFS isn't scalable enough to support all the anonymous users on CodePlex, so we restrict SCC access to project team members only. We're investigating ways to get around this.

I am not quite sure what I am supposed to think about this. The cheeky answer is: Well, Subversion can.

Note: It is probably a lot easier to scale a Subversion farm than a TFS farm, because of the wildly different architecture choices made. TFS depends on SQL Server, which is complex to setup for thousands of concurrent users, Subversion is much simpler in this regard.

Let me run by that again, CodePlex is supposed to be an Open Source hosting site, but it doesn't let me access the source in an acceptable way, it doesn't let me create patches easily, it doesn't work.

I have an OSS project on the side that I don't even try to gather community around (Rhino Tools), so far I have gotten several dozens patches (99% of them accepted), because the source was there, it was easy to access, it was easy to modify and then send the patch to me to merge it in. I seriously fail to see the value that CodePlex can provide an Open Source project.

You may think that this is a minor matter, but I consider this a make-or-break point.