Hack bombing

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You have done it in the past, and you had little time and needed to get something working, so you put together something that made you cringe a bit. It worked, but it wasn't good. You maybe put a little TODO there, but deep in your hearth, you know that you are going to forget it. Let me introduce you to a new paradigm:

Hack bombing - the practice of where you leave a hack, you time bomb it so you would have to come back and fix it later.

   //do stuff
   return true;
catch // no idea how to prevent an exception here at the moment, this make it work for now...
  if (DateTime.Today > new DateTime(2007, 2, 7))
    throw new InvalidOperationException("fix me already!! no catching exceptions like this!");
  return false;

I wrote the above today. So it will work, for now... But in three days times KABOOM. My shameful secret will be revealed to the world, so I have to fix it before this happen.