RavenDB 5.3 New FeaturesJSON Patch

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JSON Patch is a feature that allows the frontend to send a set of changes on documents. If you are working with complex documents, that can result in a significant reduction in bandwidth. There are many scenarios where the client can modify a document on the browser, then produce the JSON Patch to make the server match the changes.

In RavenDB 5.3, we added direct support for implementing JSON Patch inside of RavenDB. The frontend code can forward the patch operations directly to RavenDB, where they will be executed by the database. Concurrent patches on the same document aren’t going to contend with one another and will be processed correctly. For example, in this post I’m using patch scripts to modify a document. I can do the same using JSON patch as well.

Here is how you can use the new ability:

Small improvement, but can make some scenarios much easier.

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