RavenDB 4.1 Release Candidate is out

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Last Friday, without much of a fanfare, we released the Release Candidate of RavenDB 4.1. This release concludes about six months of work to bring some new and awesome features to the table:

  1. Cluster wide transactions
  2. JavaScript indexes
  3. SQL Migration Wizard
  4. Distributed Counters
  5. RavenDB Embedded (for .Net, Python, etc)
  6. MongoDB & CosmosDB migration
  7. Results highlighting
  8. Subscription includes
  9. Explain query plan
  10. Explain query execution
  11. Query timing
  12. Better setup wizard and reducing deployment friction

And these are just the first dozen big features. We made a lot of improvements, supporting wild card certificate generation in the setup process, better spatial units support and a plenty of other stuff that isn’t sexy or attractive on its own but adds up to a major jump in what you can do with RavenDB.