What is new in RavenDB 3.5Smuggling data across servers

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This feature is meant primarily for users that work with multiple instances of RavenDB. The common scenario is production/staging/development and needing to move data around between them. Previously, you would have to manually move data using import or export, or set a bunch of scripts to run the smuggler with the right commands.

In RavenDB 3.5, we have turned that into a full fledged feature.


The nice thing about this, you can just set it up as you want, with the right databases and configuration that you need to send. By default we use incremental option, so you can run this over time and only get the new stuff.

The idea is that you can use this to move the data from one environment to the next. You can also click on the Show JSON button and get the data you need to script this (across all dbs) in an automated (and possibly scheduled) manner.

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