What is new in RavenDB 3.5Filters & transformers with RavenDB Replication

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In the previous post, I introduced RavenDB Collection Specific Replication. This allows you to filter which collections you’ll get to replicate.

The next step is to apply filters and transformers along the way. For example, like so:


As you can see, the transformation script allows us to modify the outgoing data, in this case, to hide the email address.

This feature is primarily intended for data replication back to staging / development environment, where you have the need to have the data, but can’t expose some of it outside.

It can also be used to modify details going to slave databases so we’ll have per database values (for example, striping details that are not relevant for a particular tenant).

Like Collection Specific Replication, this replication destination will not be considered to be a failover target.

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