DB Disassembly Kit: That Path to the New RavenDB Storage Engine

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On the 5th on November, I am going to be doing a talk in Skills Matter London.

In this talk I am going to talk about LevelDB, LMDB and storage internals. I am going to cover how we built Voron, the next generation storage engine for RavenDB, the design decisions that we made and the things we took from other codebases that we looked in.

Expect a low level talk filled with details about how to implement ACID and transactions, how to optimize reads and writes. Pitfalls in building storage engines, and a lot of details that comes from several years of research into this area.

Yes, it will be recorded, but you probably want to come anyway. It is a talk I’ve been dying to give for the last 3 months, and I got some goodies to share.