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RavenDB 2.5: What is new here?

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Well, this is still just a high level list only, but there is a lot of stuff there. In many cases, I posted full blog entries about each new feature, but I’ll post a few words about those that I didn’t.





Operations - As usual, we have a few goodies for the ops people. Some of them aren’t really interesting to devs, but they are part of creating production quality software. We now allow Backup Operators (and not just admins) to initiate backups, and if you are restoring a db from another machine with different settings, RavenDB will automatically set things up so you don’t have to manually do anything to get things working. We also added a bunch more of endpoints for debug & analysis and added some more information to our existing endpoints.


Wyatt Barnett

Wow, impressive list especially when you put it all together.

Is there guidance on upgrading from 2.0? Specifically can you slide it in on top or should you deploy in paralel and then smuggle in your databases?

Ayende Rahien

Wyatt, You should be able to just turn off the 2.0 server, upgrade the binaries and turn on the 2.5 server.

Wyatt Barnett

Thanks, sounds like our current deployment model will work then.


The question that is probably asked the most, what's the ETA on a stable build for 2.5? Also upgrading the binaries, what does that involve, just copy pasting on top of what is already there?

Ayende Rahien

Afif, We are in late RC mode for the build, hopefully we will go stable in the next week or so


Wow, impressive new features list.


Where can I find the MSI Installer? I've downloaded 2666 but I don't see it.

Ayende Rahien

It is available here: hibernatingrhinos.com/builds Not yet on the ravendb.net site.

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