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RavenDB 2.1 Features: Robust SQL Replication

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We had the ability to replicate things to SQL for a long while. But I was never really happy with the implementation. It was awkward, hard to use/configure/setup and didn’t really give us a lot of options in general.

After we finished working on 2.0, I had some free time and used that to create the new SQL Replication bundle, which is much nicer.

Basically, we go from this guy:


To those guys:



And the fun part is that we no longer require to do this using indexing, or have to worry about connectivity issues. RavenDB will automatically handle disruptions in connectivity, and would heal rifts automatically.

But probably the best part is that this is how we define the transformation function between RavenDB and your RDBMS of choice:



Chris Marisic

Can we get auto schema generation and auto healing of schemas?

If a column doesn't exist and you get an exception on insert, I really believe RavenDB should automatically try to resolve that once and if it can't due to permissions then exhaust itself and bubble up.

I really can't think of any use case with replication where fail is preferable to fix the things.

It's also acceptable if the schema feature is Sql Server only. Possibly opt into.

Ayende Rahien

Chris, The code is here: https://github.com/ayende/ravendb/tree/2.01 Pull requests are always welcome.

Paulo Quicoli


does it work with any ado.net supported database?


Why are you buying bears? arent you scared they might tear up your living room?


That looks really flexible. It allows for nice, denormalized, calculated values which are never out-of-sync.

Daniel Schilling

I think you mean "eventually not-out-of-sync." ;)

Ayende Rahien

Paulo, Yes, it will work with any ADO.Net provider.


Ayende do you know of any good tutorials/books on RavenDB? I don't find documentation that much helpful :)

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