DasBlog 1.8 RC1 is out, and the feature list is very impressive.

The one thing I really want is the ability to remove trackbacks, which means that I will be able to remove the annoying spam from my old entries. Right now I can't do that since there is no interface for that and I would rather not edit the raw files.

The new spam features should really make a defense in depth against spam when combining them with ReverseDOS :-)

There are also a lot of new themes, but not mine, sadly.

[As an aside, nothing beats SmartFTP as an ftp client, I just told it to download my blog (for back up & upgrade purposes) using threads. I downloaded the whole thing (~20Mb, 1654 files) in about two minutes. With any other client I tried, I would've to wait for half an hour as it would process the files one by one.]