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RavenDB vNext: It is so pink!

Just thought that you might appreciate a peek into what we have been working on:


You can consider the bright pink background a bug, by the way. But the installer is real, and it will guide you through an install of RavenDB using the “Yes, Dear” model.

This is mostly for clients that don’t like xcopy installs (honestly, this is to make sure that setting up in IIS is no longer a set of manual steps).


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Patrick Huizinga
03/21/2013 12:53 PM by
Patrick Huizinga

Published at 08:16:00 GMT Originally posted at 10:18:22 GMT

uh-oh, someone has been playing with his time machine again :P

I noticed this because I saw that the LevelDB Part 2 post is the next post according to the blog, but arrived before this one in my feed reader.

Chris Wright
03/21/2013 03:13 PM by
Chris Wright

You call it a bug; I call it a feature.

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