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Uber Prof V2.0 is now in Public Beta

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Well, we worked quite a bit on that, but the Uber Prof (NHibernate Profiler, Entity Framework Profiler, Linq to SQL Profiler, etc) version 2.0 are now out for public beta.

We made a lot of improvements. Including performance, stability and responsiveness, but probably the most important thing from the user perspective is that we now support running the profiler in production, and even on the cloud.

We will have the full listing of all the new goodies up on the company site soon, including detailed instructions on how to enable production profiling and on cloud profiling, but I just couldn’t wait to break the news to you.

In fact, along with V2.0 of the profilers, we have a brand new site for our company, which you can check here: http://hibernatingrhinos.com/.

To celebrate the fact that we are going on beta, we also offer a 20% discount for the duration of the beta.

Nitpicker corner, please remember that this is a beta, there are bound to be problems, and we will fix them as soon as we can.



Will there be discounts for upgrades?

Ayende Rahien

Philip, After we are done with the beta, yes.


On the "Buy Uber Profiler" page, the "Buy Now" links for Yearly Subscription and Monthly Subscription are reversed:

  • When I click on "Buy Now" for Yearly Subscription, it shows me a page to purchase "Uber Prof V2 Monthly subscription"
  • When I click on "Buy Now" for a Monthly Subscription, it shows me a page to purchase "Uber Prof V2 Yearly subscription"
Daniel Hoelbling

Hi, a little feedback on your new company site.

Looks nice good job.

Second: The navigation is not completely clickable. The hover effect occurs once you have the mouse inside the box, but a click only works if you are on the element itself which led me at first the site was simply not responding. I suggest you expand the tags of the main navigation points (Products, Home, OSS etc) to fill the whole area so the visual feedback and the actual clickable area correspond.

Also: RavenDB is prominently missing from your homepage.. I frankly expected it to get a prominent mention on the front page instead of having the profilers there twice.

Also the site is not responding while I am writing this (timeout when retrieving hibernatingrhinos.com).

Leyu Sisay

The new site looks good, but uses default ASP.NET favicon.ico


The link (If you haven't already, please download the product from: here.) in the email for a trial of EFProf V2 isn't working.

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