Northwind Starter Kit ReviewIf you won’t respect the database, there will be pain

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This is a review of the Northwind Starter Kit project, this review revision 94815 from Dec 18 2011.

The database is usually a pretty important piece in your application, and it likes to remind you that it should be respected. If you don’t take care of that, it will make sure that there will be a lot of pain in your future. Case in point, let us look at this method:


It looks nice, it is certainly something that looks like a business service. So let us dig down and see how it works.


It seems like a nice thing, the code is clear, and beside the bug where you get 100% discount if you buy enough and the dissonance between the comment and the code, fairly clear. And it seems that we have service logic and entity logic, which is always nice.

Except that this piece of code issues the following queries (let us assume a customer with 50 orders).

1 Query to load the customer, line 34 in this code. And now let us look at line 35… what is actually going on here:


Okay, so we have an additional query for loading the customer’s orders. Let us dig deeper.


And for each order, we have another query for loading all of that order’s items. Does it gets worse?


Phew! I was worried here for a second.

But it turns out that we only have a Select N+2 here, where N is the number of orders that a customer has.

What do you want, calculating the discount for the order is complicated, it is supposed to take a lot of time. Of course, the entire thing can be expressed in SQL as:

  SUM((UnitPrice * Quantity) * (1 - Discount) Income
FROM OrderItems o
WHERE o.OrderID in (
  WHERE CustomerId = @CustomerId

But go ahead and try putting that optimization in. The architecture for the application will actively fight you on that.

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