Adding Aggregation Services

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My current readership seems to have stabilized on around 3,500 readers a day (after a peak of about 5,500 a day after I got linked from ScottGu's blog).

After seeing the dramatic difference that such a link can cause, I decided to check how I can bring in more readers. The simplest thing is to get myself linked from the aggregations sites such as Digg, DotNetKicks, etc. Of course that the high goal there is to get slashdotted, but I'm leaving this tactic for the future :-)

Now, putting my own posts on those sites is sleazy, but there is no reason that I wouldn't make it easy for you to do it. So I added links to, Digg and DotNetKicks on each post. I used dasBlog's ability to define custom macros, and this custom macro library.

The link contains all the information that you can want on this, but be aware that the macros shown there wouldn't work as-is. For some reason Vasanth forgot to put <% on the beginning of each macro.