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DSLs in Boo is out!

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7i3h.jpgIt has been quite a journey for me, starting in 2007(!) up until about a month ago, when the final revision is out. I am very happy to announce that my book is now available in its final form. 

When I actually got the book in my hands I was ecstatic. That represent about two years worth of work, and some pretty tough hurdles to cross (think about the challenge that editing something the size of a book from my English is). And getting the content right was even harder.

On the one hand, I wanted to write something that is actionable, my success criteria for the book is that after reading it, you can go ahead and write production worthy Domain Specific Languages implementations. On the other hand, I didn’t want to have the reader left without the theoretical foundation that is required to understand what is actually going on.

Looking back at this, I think that I managed to get that done well enough. The total page count is ~350 pages, and without the index & appendixes, it is just about 300 pages. Which, I hope, is big enough to give you working knowledge without bogging you down with too much theory.


Anthony Dehirst

Do you use DSLs on all your projects?

I know very little about DSLs apart from the basic concept, but deciding what to learn with the forever changing landscape of SDKs and tools makes it difficult to decide what is the next topic to get my head around.

I ask the question because if you find it an invaluable tool for 90% of projects then its worth looking into, if, on the other hand, you use it for specialized projects I could decide that this is a nice to have.


Ordered :-) Hoping to level up my DSL foo, looking forward to it


Amazon is shipping the book to me now this is the book i am longing for :)

Jason Dentler

Congratulations Oren! This is going on my wish list immediately.

Marcos Castilho

I bought your book 3 months ago (MEAP) and it's a great read! I really liked the practical way you tackled such dense subjects as DSLs and the Boo language. It sparkled my interest, and now I'm doing the final paper of my specialization based on it =) Thanks a lot for the effort!

Ritesh Rao

Congratulations! Definitely a must read for anyone who's looking to grasp not only basic fundamentals of DSL's but also good practices. Congratulations again!

Santos Ray Victorero, II

Congratulations Oren!

I noticed that Amazon has a better deal on your book. By any chance do you know if it does include the ebook too.



Paul H Cassidy

I have read this book and it is wonderful. I am a big fan of BOO and this book rocks showing how to use boo's easy syntax to create something wonderful. I highly recommend this book to all developers.

Donald Belcham

Congrats dude. The process of writing one of these is far from easy or quick.

Nicholas Blumhardt

Congratulations Oren! I'm really looking forward to reading it. Nick

Ayende Rahien


No, I use them where appropriate, and there are plenty of places where they can be useful, but no, their aren't my one-size-fit-all solution

Ayende Rahien


IIRC, there is a coupon for the ebook inside the book


I liked the book very much, but think that it needs some follow-up because of technology changes - I'm talking mainly about the inclusion of DLR in .Net and new possibilities it opens.


Congratulations, I can imagine the amount of work it took for a nitpicker like you! :) I have the 10 bucks version ready on my reader (thx for the promotion code), at least the first chapter looks already very promising.

joel hebert

Just got mine in the mail, mind you I read it as MEAP. Very good read , good humour and excellent content.

Joel Hebert MVP ASP.NET, see you at the summit

Miguel de Icaza

Congratulations on publishing your book!

Will be here on Thursday.

Aaron Bockover

Congratulations - I'm looking forward to reading this. I've been interested in Boo, DSLs, languages, etc etc for years. Just ordered my copy!

Fabrice Marguerie

Congratulations. I know how much work it is to get there.

It took almost two years as well to get LINQ in Action done.

I remember when I was first contacted by Manning: it was supposed to be just a few months of work...

Ayende Rahien


That was what I expected as well

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