DSLs in Boo is out!

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7i3h.jpgIt has been quite a journey for me, starting in 2007(!) up until about a month ago, when the final revision is out. I am very happy to announce that my book is now available in its final form. 

When I actually got the book in my hands I was ecstatic. That represent about two years worth of work, and some pretty tough hurdles to cross (think about the challenge that editing something the size of a book from my English is). And getting the content right was even harder.

On the one hand, I wanted to write something that is actionable, my success criteria for the book is that after reading it, you can go ahead and write production worthy Domain Specific Languages implementations. On the other hand, I didn’t want to have the reader left without the theoretical foundation that is required to understand what is actually going on.

Looking back at this, I think that I managed to get that done well enough. The total page count is ~350 pages, and without the index & appendixes, it is just about 300 pages. Which, I hope, is big enough to give you working knowledge without bogging you down with too much theory.