Schema Generation

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I just did a little test with NHibernate's Schema Generation capabilities, and I'm very impressed. The schema is very much like I thought it would be, and it makes sense.

So far I've been avoiding it, thinking that I can do much better and that it is something that I have to do by hand. This caused quite a bit of pain when I needed to make a change in the object model that required a DB change. I'm thinking that I'll be able to just use it to easily and painlessly re-create the schema every time I'm starting.

It looks much simpler this way. Of course, this means that I'll need to put more information into the mapping than I currently do (for instance, I don't always bother to specify not-null constraints, etc). I don't know how to handle column orderring, but I have a suspicition that it matches the orderring inside the mapping (which may bring interesting questions when I will try to apply it using Active Record).