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Oren Eini aka Ayende Rahien CEO of Hibernating Rhinos LTD, which develops RavenDB, a NoSQL Open Source Document Database.

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Well, it is finally here, it has been ten years since I started blogging. My first blog was on April’s 1st 2004, and somehow, we are a decade later.

Usually it is time for introspective, and careful thought about what was and what will be, but I’m having no time for that. Instead, I wanted to let you know that we just finished signing with Lucas Film (well, it said Disney on the contract, but I’m a geek, so I’ll go with the more impressive title) for a movie about Hibernating Rhinos. The idea is basically similar to the Social Network, but much better.

I’m trying to see if I can get Jesse Eisenberg to play there.

And I got a budget for 999 ravens to be released in a flock at one of the scenes!

We’ll show a trailer for the movie (purely computer generated, so far) at our Conference in a week.

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Hibernating Rhinos is a series of screen casts that I am going to make, basically they include me, a microphone, code and Camtasia.The sound quality is going to be aweful, I presume, and it turn out that I speak English sloowly. It may very well be the case that I can type English faster than I can speak it.

I guess that I don't need to explain the choice of the name, but I am still looking for a logo / picture that I can use.

My editing skills are even more limited than my UI skills, so you are going to see some funny stuff, probably, but I hope to learn to do better. Feel free to send suggestions, comments, etc to me. No fixed time, not fixed subject.

The first topic is Rhino Mocks, basically an introduction to what it can do. The second topic is going to be about MonoRail. Beyond that, feel free to suggest topics, but I will say out front that I'll not be able to do them all.


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