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imageNext week is CodeMash, in Ohio. I’m going to be at the conference and I have a talk about extreme performance architecture. I’m going to try to condense in 45 minutes the lessons that took us a decade to learn and almost two years to implement. That should be fun, but as much as I enjoy speaking, it is the first time in a while that I’m actually going to go to a conference, not just be there at the booth, and that is really exciting for me.

I took a look at the schedule and there are some interesting workshops and sessions.

Without any particular order, here are the things that popped out as stuff that I would like to be at

BTW, to the CodeMash people, not being able to link directly to the sessions is a PITA.


  • Up & Running with Graph Databases - Greg Jordan – I would love to get a feel to how things are looking from the side consuming the graph API, not the one implementing it. If all goes well, I might do a series of posts on the exercises in the workshop as it pertains to RavenDB.
  • CodeMash CryptoParty - Dusty Burwell – I have a love/hate relationship with cryptography. I find it fascinating but the math is usually beyond me,  so I can’t understand it (that’s a joke).


  • Making and Baking an Application Security Department - Bill Sempf – Following up on the crypto party, this is an are that I care deeply about, so it is worth the 8AM timeslot to learn more about this. I’m also interested in how I can, as an infrastructure, meaningfully contribute to the application overall security.
  • 7 Reasons why your microservices should use Event Sourcing & CQRS - Hugh McKee – I’m familiar with both CQRS and microservices, but putting them together seems interesting. I’m mostly wondering about the data flow paths in such a system as the data is required on multiple servers.
  • "Did you get my message?" - A comparison of several modern messaging platforms - Jack Bennett – This is very close to what I usually do, and I went over ZeroMQ’s code a few time, so that would be interesting.
  • Building a better audit log - Craig Hills – this is a pain point in many cases, what to log and how, and the tension between logging too much and too little.
  • Database DevOps with Containers - Rob Richardson – I think that my interest in this one is pretty obvious Smile.
  • Bluetooth Prototyping with the Raspberry Pi – I’m using my Raspberry Pis to run clusters of database servers, I wonder if there are other possible uses for a 25$ machine…
  • Extreme Performance Architecture - Oren Eini – I’m giving this talk, so I guess I gotta.
  • Pivot: How to proceed when things don't work out - Jay Harris – This is in the same timeslot as I’m speaking at, but I would have like to listen to it. Failure, planning for failure and recovering from it are all very important skills.
  • ZAPping Security Vulnerabilities in Your Development Pipeline - Matthew Smith – This seems like it would be a session that cover an eminently useful skill.
  • My users posted what? - Harold Pulcher – I don’t have a direct use for the topics discussed here, but it seems interesting, and I like learning for leaning sake. At some future time, it always pays off.
  • APIs on the Scale of Decades - Gary Fleming - RavenDB is ten years old, and I’m certainly feeling the pressure there.
  • THE STORIES OF THE MOST INFAMOUS BUGS - Ian Zelikman – Because who doesn’t want to see a clown slip on a banana peel, and this is the high tech equivalent.
  • Data management in a Microservices world - Gerald Venzl – This is a topic that I have been thinking a lot about, and more information there would be very useful.
  • Patterns and Architectures Beyond Microservices - Stephen Shary – should be interesting, some of the patterns that are mentioned in the description aren’t known to me and I have to exert some willpower not to search for them and wait for the session.
  • Post Mortem: Dealing with Failure in Development - BJ Burns – Already said that this is an important topic, so this session is also very intereseting.
  • Building A Highly Scalable Service that Survived A Super Bowl - Keith Elder – Because if nothing else, the story is likely going to be awesome.
  • Comments are Useless and Other Controversial Opinions About Code - Izzi Bikun – This sounds like a fun session.

There are a lot of other stuff there that looks good, and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to get through all these sessions (not actually possible, there are timing conflicts between some of them). But the point of the conference isn’t just to sit in the sessions but the hallway interactions and actually talking with people.

I’m looking forward to that and I’m bringing a few books and some swag as well, if anyone is there and is interested.

I’m really looking forward to it.

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imageThe early bird pricing for the Q1 RavenDB workshops is about to end, hurry up and register. We have workshops in Tel Aviv, San Francisco and New York in this round and are working on Q2 workshop Europe and South America now.

In the workshop, we will dive deeply into RavenDB 4.0, and all the new and exciting things it can do for you. This is meant for developers and their operations teams who want to know RavenDB better.

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I’ll be giving my Advanced NHibernate course in March 2011 in Dallas. We are talking about 3 days of intensive dive into NHibernate, how it works, fully utilizing its capabilities, and actually grokking the NHibernate’s zen.

You can register to the course here: http://dallas-nhibernate.eventbee.com

The early bird pricing ends in about three weeks.


No future posts left, oh my!


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