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ReminderEarly bird pricing for RavenDB workshops about to close

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imageThe early bird pricing for the Q1 RavenDB workshops is about to end, hurry up and register. We have workshops in Tel Aviv, San Francisco and New York in this round and are working on Q2 workshop Europe and South America now.

In the workshop, we will dive deeply into RavenDB 4.0, and all the new and exciting things it can do for you. This is meant for developers and their operations teams who want to know RavenDB better.

ReminderNHibernate Course in Dallas, March 2011

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I’ll be giving my Advanced NHibernate course in March 2011 in Dallas. We are talking about 3 days of intensive dive into NHibernate, how it works, fully utilizing its capabilities, and actually grokking the NHibernate’s zen.

You can register to the course here: http://dallas-nhibernate.eventbee.com

The early bird pricing ends in about three weeks.


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