More annoying stuff about SSIS

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  • You can't close a package after execution. You've to manually stop debugging and then close the package.
  • No way that I could find to look at just the errors/ warnings from the log.
  • The Flat File Source just blithedly ignored the fact that the file doesn't exists and carried on its work. I need this behaviour in several places, so it would be useful to do it, but I've no idea why or how this works.
  • You can't edit connection managers without a live connection to use.
  • You don't get any results when you search for the errors on Google.

I'm not sure how I got the situation below, but I did get it. I'm pretty sure that this shouldn't happen. It got so many stuff wrong that I don't know where to begin checking. More so, I don't know how to check this stuff.