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NHibernate & RavenDB Courses in New York, October/November 2011

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I think that the NHibernate and RavenDB workshops in DevLink has been awesome, and I have been asked to do more of those.

One thing that I learned in particular from the RavenDB workshop is that just one day is just not enough, and we expanded the single day workshop into a two days course. I’ll be giving this course in November, 3 – 4 2011, in New York.

And, of course, my old companion, the Advanced NHibernate Course, for the people who wants to grok NHibernate and really understand what is going on under the cover, and maybe even more important, why? That course will run on October 31 – November 2, 2011, also in New York.

And if you are from the other side of the pond, I’ll be giving my Advanced NHibernate Course in Warsaw, Poland on October 17 – 19, 2011.

Register now for early bird pricing:



I really doubt the readers from new yorker has raven db course on their minds right now....

Ayende Rahien

Donny, I am assuming that in 3 - 4 months time, they will


When something like that in Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore or better Tokyo :-) ?

Ayende Rahien

Zuchy, I have no idea how to organize something like that there, if I had a local contact, we could probably try setting something up.

Jason Meckley

I think Donny is referring to Hurricane Irene and Zucky was comparing the Tsunami in the Pacific to the Hurricane in the Atlantic. living in the mid-atlantic region, I assume this is what they are referring to.


1800$ course in Poland? and in NY also 1800$?:)

is it just me? or what? in Poland average gross income is about 41000 PLN it is 14000 USD and net income about 29500 PLN its about 10000 USD, of course IT has higher wages, let say that avg net income in IT is 5000 PLN, the course is one month wage!


one correction avg net income 29500 PLN/year and 5000PLN/month and 5k is for a guy who is not a junior programmer of course...

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