Why I don’t like the MVC Mini Profiler codebase

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I mentioned in passing that I didn’t like that in the blog post about the MVC Profiler Support for RavenDB.

There were three major reasons for that. First, I don’t like code like this:


This seems to be incredibly invasive, it is really not something that I want to force on my users. Considering how much time I spent building and designing profilers, I have strong opinions about them. And one of the things that I consider as huge selling points for my profilers is that they are pretty much fire and forget. Once you initialize them, you can forget about all the rest.

Obviously, a general purpose profiler like this can’t do that, but I still don’t like it very much. And since we were talking about profiling RavenDB, I saw no reason to go to something like this.

Next, there is a pretty big focus on profiling SQL:


That is pretty meaningless for us when we talk about Profiling RavenDB.

And finally, there was the Stack Trace management. Providing Stack Trace information is incredibly useful for a profiler, and the MVC Mini Profiler supports that, but I didn’t like how it did it. Calling new StackTrace() is pretty expensive, and there are better ways of doing that.

One of the goals for the RavenDB profiler is to allow people to run it in production, same as I am doing right now in this blog, after all.

Mostly, the decision to go and write it from scratch was based on making it easier for us to build something that made sense for our purposes, not try to re-use something that was built for a completely different purpose.