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Making Macto into an OSS project? Volunteers needed

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I don’t have the time to actually sit down and build Macto, but I got a couple of people asking about another option. Making Macto into an OSS project that will build this application under my guidance and assistance.

What do I have planned?

Assuming I manage to get a few people (and I’ll probably limit it to a small number), I’ll open a private mailing list and github repository and we will start working on that. I’ll provide guidance and direction for the project, as well as reviewing everything.

This is going to be a private project for about a month, after which we will hopefully have something at hand that we can talk about and show around.

Any volunteers?

Update: Comments are closed, we have enough volunteers



I've got quite a bit of spare time on my hand these days so i dont mind lending a hand.. but I am in Aus timezone (GMT+10)

Kevin Stevens

I'd love to take part, depending on timing.


I would love to just be subscribed to the mailing list and repo so I can read/learn :)

Simon Bartlett

I'm in, my GitHub username is SimonBartlett.

Hyojung Kwon

I am really keen to be a part of this project. I was looking for OSS that I can contribute and think this project is spot on my interests,, even though I am in South Korea (GMT +9)

Chris Sainty

I'd be keen to get involved with this. I've done a few submission to Raven on github from the account csainty.

Also in the GMT+10 Australia time zone, with availability during the evening and weekends.

Avi levi

Sounds great, I'd love to be a part of this.

Andrew Jones

Oren I'd love to help out on this...a chance to give something back!


Dev Net

I am keen to get involved in OSS and I'd love to take part in it. I can contribute with testing, and coding. I am also in GMT+10 Australia time zone.


I would be interested. My github id is tkmagesh


+1 for interest here, github user is stefansedich. Located in GMT+10 also.

Ken Egozi

Do you have anything to say about this except for being a showcase OSS project? what Macto actually is?

Paul Cox

I'd love to get involved; my github username is coxp.

Not sure if it is outside the scope of the project, but I'd love to see some bounded contexts in there, maybe a basic staff management system or MI system? Most systems I've seen end up using a shared database.


Hello, i would like to participate in this project. My Github Id is ge1serf


@Ken: http://ayende.com/blog/tags/macto


I would love to take part in this. Prison management is sexy:)

I am at http://github.com/borisyankov


I'd love to join my github username is: morkeleb


I'm up for this. I'm based in London. Github username is nabils.

Mike Minutillo

I'm in. https://github.com/wolfbyte is me and I'm in GMT+8

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