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I'd think you need a full reboot :o)


No, Ayende, THAT is ReSharper.


Davy Brion

no, the real irony here is the Ants Memory Profiler ad that i'm seeing on the right-side of this page right now :)

Bryan Murphy

The new ants UI is great, but the program is slow and buggy as hell. I get much better results from JetBrains product.

Joshua Flanagan

That is EXACTLY what my experience was the one time I tried to use JetBrains' memory profiler to figure out an OutOfMemory issue. I thought it was funny - and useless. The performance profiler works great, though.

Ryan Roberts

Had similar experience a few years ago using the jetbrains memory profiler. Have a look at yourkit .net profile, it handles things much better.

smart guy

Why do people try to fix OutOfMemoryException? Isn't it obvious that they only need to add some more memory.

smart guy

Also, the name 'OutOfMemoryException' is a bit misleading. You can get the exception even if you have available memory. A better name would be CouldNotAllocateMemoryException.


Smart guy, more memory dont resolve the problem.

First because you can say this to Your client

Anyway it won't work, this exception mean that don't exists continuous memory space at virtual memory

Frank Quednau

The Jetbrains memory profiler has been immensely useful to me to clean out all the garbage of dangling references off static events, funny garbage collector handles, misbehaving 3rd party UI and OOMs due to running out of GDI objects and what not in a Winforms App. Irony or not, it can be a pretty useful tool.


@Erik - What's it have to do with resharper?


@Fujiy: Never heard of ironic? I think smart guy is just trying to be funny. :)

BTW: I think ANTS Profiler and Jetbrains Profiler are both excellent products. Both helped me a lot.


@NC - I looked at the stack trace and saw ReSharper, which sync'd with my experiences with tool. I should have generalized to say 'JetBrains' instead.

I was only kidding anyway. I love JetBrains tools when they aren't starved for RAM.

Dmitry Ornatsky

Seen this as well. Too bad they don't have an x64 version.


@Erik - OHHH I only saw JetBrains, didn't see resharper in it.

Dmitry Ornatsky

Oh, wait, looks like they DO have x64 version now. This should help.

Kevin Babcock

That's why you should switch to Telerik JustCode. I've been using it since the early betas and love it WAY more than ReSharper or CodeRush. :)

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