What does it means? Advanced

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Originally posted at 12/8/2010

I posted the following a few days ago:

I’ll be giving my Advanced NHibernate course in March 2011 in Dallas. We are talking about 3 days of intensive dive into NHibernate, how it works, fully utilizing its capabilities, and actually grokking the NHibernate’s zen.

You can register to the course here: http://dallas-nhibernate.eventbee.com

And I got an very interesting comment about that:

You mention in your post that your having an advanced nhibernate course, but that doesn't seem to agree with your syllabus which devotes 1/3 of the class to intro concepts.
Just thought I'd say this in hopes that the course could be more advanced in nature.

The answer is that the syllabus is correct, and the course is advanced. But how can I call a course advanced if it contains things like?

  • Basic NHibernate configuration
  • Getting started with queries and mapping
  • Session and transaction management basics
  • Simple NHibernate queries

Put simply, it is because most people, even thus who are using NHibernate for a  while, barely scratch the surface of its capabilities. What we are doing in the course is going deep. We digs into how NHibernate is doing some things, why it does them in such a fashion and what alternative are theer.

Another very interesting thing that I noted with most people coming to my courses is that they may have a lot of knowledge in a particular area of NHibernate, but lack the same level of knowledge in other areas.