I need my own blog software, damn it

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I am well aware that I am… outside the curve for bloggers. For a long while I handled that by simply dumping the posts as soon as I wrote them, but that turned out to be quite a burden for some readers, and pieces that I think deserve more attention were skipped, because they were simply drowning in the noise of so many blog posts.

I am much happier with the future posting concept. It make things more predictable, both for me and for the readers. The problem happen when you push this to its logical conclusion. At the time of this writing, I have a month of scheduled posts ahead of me, and this is the third or forth blog post that I wrote in the last 24 hours.

In essence, I created a convoy for my own blog. At some point, if this trend progresses, it will be a problem. But I kinda like the fact that I can relax for a month and the blog will function on auto pilot. There is also the nice benefit that by the time that the blog post is published, I forgot what it said (I use the write & forget method), so I need to read the post again, which helps, a lot.

But there are some disadvantages to this as well. My current system will simply schedule a post on the next day after the last day. This works, great, if I have posts that are not time sensitive. But what actually happen is that there are lot of scenarios in which I want to set the date of the post to the near future. I still try to keep it to one post a day, so that means that I need to shuffle the rest of the items in the queue, though. This is especially troubling when you consider that I usually write a series of posts that interconnect to a full story.

So I can’t just take one of them and bump it to the end, I might have to do rearranging of the entire timeline. And there is no support for that, I have to go and manually update the timing for everything else.

It is pretty clear why this feature is missing, it is an outlier one. But it probably means that i am going to fork SubText and add those things. And the real problem is that I would really like to avoid doing any UI work there. So I need to think about a system that would let me do that without any UI work from my part.