On Fluent NHibernate

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I noticed some jokes in twitters going around, people saying stuff like “Using Fluent NHibernate, better not let @ayende find out about it”.

I think that I better clarify a few things in this regard. When FNH initially came out, what I really wanted was auto mapping, and it didn’t have that at the time (almost two years ago), but it does now. I also have some disagreement with the API choices (specifically, the decision to rename things from the NH mapping names).

But I am generally grouchy about code (whatever I wrote it or not), so that isn’t unusual. I have used FNH in the past in a few of my projects, but it always came to a point where I needed more from NHibernate and FNH was limiting to me. Please note, I am explicitly referring to myself here, not the general public. I have been working with NHibernate for over 6 years now, and working with NHibernate at NHibernate’s level is place that I am most conformable.

That isn’t the case for a wide variety of other users. Today I had an interesting experience, of guiding a customer from no application to a full blown app using FNH. The entire process (with someone to whom it was the first introduction to NHibernate) took less than an hour, was remarkably pleasant and was focused on exactly the right things.

The Fluent NHibernate team has managed to create a truly remarkable project, well done.