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How to pay 3 times for the same flight ticket

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My current mood is somewhere between mad, pissed off, frustrated and exhausted.

All I want to do it arrive home, but dark forces has conspired against me. It works like this:

  • I got a ticket both ways to London, and I left to London quite happily, taking the train to the airport. At that point things started going horribly wrong. An idiot has suicided on the train trucks, leading to about 2 hours of delays, which, naturally, caused me to miss my flight. We will leave that aside and just point out that I somehow managed to get to London without being late to my course the next morning.
  • That is when I heard that since I was a no show for the outgoing flight, the airline cancelled my flight back.  I had to order a new one, but because I was busy actually doing the course, I asked the company to order that for me.
  • They did, and I went to the airport quite satisfied, except that on arrival, the stupid machine told me that my booking is invalid, which is the point that I discovered that the ticket was ordered on Ayende Rahien. Unfortunately, legally speaking, that guy doesn’t exists. The airline was quite insistent that they can’t put me on board with the different name. And they made me buy a new ticket.

That was the point (after I paid for the same bloody seat for the third time) that they told me that they oversold the flight, and that they put me on waiting list.

I tried to explain that they could use the second ticket that I bought, and just give me the same seat, but they told me that they already sold that to someone else.

I am currently waiting to hear whatever I’ll get to go home tonight or not.

Your truly,

Pissed off,

Oren Eini (because being Ayende is currently dangerous, given my mood)



For every bullet, there is a time and a place -"Hitman".


Better to be you, than the guy on the tracks...


oh, sh..t ... bad things happens sometimes .... but in most bad things, should be something positive, or? At least this post looks really amazing with a lot of "feelings" in every word ! ;-)

In any case - good luck :)


"since I was a no show for the outgoing flight, the airline cancelled my flight back" - WTF?

seems like a 'good' airline would confirm with someone before canceling their return flight, even when they did not end up on the correct outgoing flight


@Jesse, that's happened to me before. If you're a no-show, it is assumed you can't fly back because theoretically you can't be in the right country to do so.


the third ticket is your fault. it is childish to use an alias.

Igal Tabachnik

Maybe you should change your name to Ayende, because, at least according to Manning, Oren Eini doesn't exsist :)


Eventual consistency sucks, doesn't it? ;)

David Thibault

LOL @ Eventual Consistency ;)

Anyway, good luck. Can I ask how the airline got confused between Oren and Ayende? Do you use Ayende in every day life?

Rob Kitson

Do they cut your checks to Ayende or Oren?


Simple: things are so complex, and our expectations are so high.

Your ticket - to get it done right should be over $1000 .

This is why I don't fly.

Steve Py

A good case for cancellation insurance. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Something to remember about London; (in case you haven't watched Top Gear) The fastest way to the airport is by bicycle. :)

Still, the company ordering tickets for you using your alias, that is freaking priceless!



Sorry you had trouble getting back - it sounds like you were quite unlucky with your travels this time around! We were all pretty grateful you turned up on Wednesday. Hopefully you had insurance on the tickets and so could at least recoup some of the expense (removing some of the insult from the injury of the flight issues!)




"the ticket was ordered on Ayende Rahien"

no comment - this speaks volumes about being too cute


Wow that is some really bad luck.


The Title should have been How not to pay 3 times for the same flight ticket

Chris Holmes

...been thwarted by an Iceland Volcano...

Cost me 8 days in April. But what a story it turned out to be...

Hope you get home soon Oren!


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