LumenQ: API

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I am posting this because I really have no choice, I don’t want to build another product right now, but the design is literally killing me, bouncing in my head all the time.

The following is the low level API that you would use with LumenQ, a Silverlight queuing framework.

var postOFfice = new PostOFfice("http://my-server/lunemq/messages")

postOFfice.Send(new MyRecommendations
    UserId = 9393

Note that OnMessageArrived is a low level API, there is also an API similar to the Rhino Service Bus, which allows you to inherit from ConsumerOf<T> and gain strongly typed access to what is going on there.

Messages to this client will include:

  • Any message on the /customers/939192 and /notifications topics
  • Any message posted specifically to this client

I am still struggling to decide what sort of infrastructure support I want to give the library, things like error handling are drastically different than in the Rhino Service Bus world, for example.