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RavenMQ update

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It wasn’t planned so much as it happened, but RavenMQ just slipped into private beta stage. The API is still in a the somewhat clumsy state, but it it is working quite nicely Smile

You can see an example of the client API below:

using(var connection = RavenMQConnection.Connect("http://reduction:8181"))
    connection.Subscribe("/queues/abc", (context, message) => 

    connection.PublishAsync(new IncomingMessage
        Queue = "/queues/abc",
        Data = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("Hello Ravens")


Please note that this is likely to be subject to many changes.

This is written about 10 minutes after I posted the code above:

using(var connection = RavenMQConnection.Connect("http://localhost:8181"))
        Subscribe<User>("/queues/abc", (context, message) => Console.WriteLine(message.Name));

        .Add("/queues/abc", new User {Name = "Ayende"})


I told you it would change… Open-mouthed smile



I like the subscribe, don't like the publish.

Does it run on mono?


I don't like the publish either. It should be connection.PublishAsync("/queues/abc", new User { Name = "Ayende" });

Why do you need connection.StartPublishing?

Johannes Gustafsson

Is RavenMQ transactional?

Or a bit more specific: Would you recommend RavenMQ as an nservicebus transport?

Bryan Murphy

I agree with configurator. Anything more than that and it's too much.


Is this going to work with the DTC? How does Ravenmq compare to rabbitmq? If it wil work on the DTC then it will be possible to integrate with nservicebus.

Frank Quednau

You don't have to go into a fit for API. If I'd be using it in the client, I'd probably stick MemBus on top of it and...

bus.Publish(new User {Name = "Ayende"});


void Handle(User user) {

RavenMQConnection w/queuename etc.etc.


Just wondering how much logic goes into the queue name, if I remember correctly it can be a pretty dynamic thing...

Ayende Rahien

Bryan & configurator,

Yes, it runs on Mono.

And the reason that it needs the StartPublishing code is that we want to make the API very explicit about the way we support sending multiple messages in a single batch

Ayende Rahien


Yes, it is transactional.

And while you could use it as a NSB transport, its main usage scenario is being expose to the actual clients

Mike Brown

Hats off to you man! Every time I visit you've got something amazing going. So did you steal Dumbledore's time turner or just figured out the cloning process. It's hard to believe that it's just you doing all of this.

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