RavenMQ update

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It wasn’t planned so much as it happened, but RavenMQ just slipped into private beta stage. The API is still in a the somewhat clumsy state, but it it is working quite nicely Smile

You can see an example of the client API below:

using(var connection = RavenMQConnection.Connect("http://reduction:8181"))
    connection.Subscribe("/queues/abc", (context, message) => 

    connection.PublishAsync(new IncomingMessage
        Queue = "/queues/abc",
        Data = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("Hello Ravens")


Please note that this is likely to be subject to many changes.

This is written about 10 minutes after I posted the code above:

using(var connection = RavenMQConnection.Connect("http://localhost:8181"))
        Subscribe<User>("/queues/abc", (context, message) => Console.WriteLine(message.Name));

        .Add("/queues/abc", new User {Name = "Ayende"})


I told you it would change… Open-mouthed smile