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A series of posts about NHibernate tooling

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I intend to write a series of posts about NHibernate tooling, and I thought that before I start, I should ask people to point me to tools that I might not be familiar with.

Tools that are currently on the list to post about:

  • LLBLGen 3.0
  • Pleasant Modeler
  • Active Writer
  • NHibernate Query Analyzer

Any others that you’ll like me to check out?


Ray Vega

Glad to see NHibernate Query Analyzer (NHQA) on your list. Funny coincidence to see it since I just used NHQA this very week for the first time in over TWO years!

I always felt it was a powerful tool that was often overlooked (or neglected) by the general NHibernate community (including perhaps even yourself?),

I'm extremely interested what your current view on it.


Maybe you should take a look at the GenWise Software Factory and Visual NHibernate

Frans Bouma

If you run into things you have questions about wrt llblgen pro, just let me know (email is fine). :)

One limitation we currently have with respect to nhibernate (lack of pure m:n support) is solved soon (coming weeks).

H. Kusters

What aboud Sculpture: dawliasoft.com

Especially the NHibernate Mold.

Jake Markhus

I agree with @Belvasis above. You really should take a look at Visual NHibernate.

Paul Speranza

Perfect-I'm just starting with NHibernate!


Have you heard of this wonderful profiling tool? It's called "NHibernate profiler" if I'm not mistaken...



Visual NHibernate deserves indeed some attention. It looks very promising.

Ricardo Peres

Visual NHibernate (VNH) definitely deserves attention. Of all these products, I only know Active Writer, but VNH is great. It supports HBM and Fluent-based configurations (including reverse-engineering of existing projects), can include NHibernate Validator attributes for domain validation and, in the latest betas, has a very nice templating engine, which one can use to customize entities, components, etc.




hbm2net / db2hbm from the NHForge downloads

Jason Von Ruden

How about using MyGeneration - Code Generation, O/R Mapping, and Architectures Tool to generate NHibernate Data Layer consisting of the classes and the mapping.

I can provide the template that I use to point at SQL Server and then generate vs project of the classes and mappings from existing Sql Server Tables.

Template is from Summer of NHiberante Screen cast.

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