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I didn't know Google account could expire? I think Google have to work on their 'error' messages..


Maybe someone tried to brute force their way into your account so Google locked it out?

Agreed on the error messages!


Maybe you have a split personality and your evil side blocked you out for a laugh?

Gian Maria

Definitively agree with James :) surely your dark side banned you from the group :).



Did you piss yourself off, perhaps?


What evil did you do to the group? Did you say: "java coding is programming once, debugging everywhere"?


namespace Ayende.Access


using System;

using System.Reflection;

class Access


    private static void Main(string[] args)


        var shouldWe = new ShouldWe();




public sealed class ShouldWe : GoogleGroupAccess



public abstract class GoogleGroupAccess


    public virtual void LetAyendeIn()


        Console.WriteLine("Welcome Oren!");


    public GoogleGroupAccess()


        if (!IfWeShouldNot("LetAyendeIn", GetType()))


            Console.WriteLine("Sorry\n The owner of the group has banned you from this group.");




    private bool IfWeShouldNot(string methodName, Type derivedType)


        MethodInfo method = derivedType.GetMethod(methodName);

        return method != null && (method.Attributes & MethodAttributes.NewSlot) == 0 && derivedType.IsSealed;





The must have screwed up their triple negative if ;)

Greg Law

You aren't the first person that has been locked out of Google Groups for unknown and/or semi-random reasons. You might consider creating a secondary admin account in case it happens again.


About a month and a half ago, some Google servers were hacked. There were quite a few user credentials stolen. Google has implemented some security measures that can seem as paranoid.

Both my wife and my account were locked out, and we had to do the SMS thing. This was for Gmail, as far as I've been able to corroborate. A couple other friends had their credentials stolen as well. The hackers have been sending spam, until we changed our passwords. I actually saw several attempts to use my account while logged in.


I guess you post so much Google thinks you must be a robot.

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