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Profiler subscriptions are now available

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One of the repeated requests for the profiler was to provide some alternative to the full price. After due consideration, I chose to implement an additional licensing model for the profiler, a subscription based one.

The current licensing model is still available and will not change!

What does this mean? Using the subscription model, you pay a monthly fee, and you can keep using the profiler as long as you pay.

The monthly fee is 12 Euro / 16$ US.

Why 12 Euro / 16$? It isn’t a “normal” price point.

When looking at the pricing model for subscriptions, I wanted to choose something low enough that most people wouldn’t mind paying. I choose this particular price point because this is how much a business lunch cost at a nearby restaurant. I believe that it should be low enough for everyone in the target audience.

The terms are simple:

  • Payment is made month to month (that is, you get charged each month for the profiler).
  • You can cancel the subscription at any point in time, and your copy of the profiler will expire when the time it due.
  • Upgrading between version will happen automatically. That is, if you are subscribed to version 1.x, you’ll get 2.x automatically.

Subscriptions are currently offered for NH Prof only, but we will expand that to the other profilers if this prove successful.

You can buy a subscription here.


Richard Dingwall

This is a good idea for individuals too, particularly if you are moving on/off projects every couple of months. As long as the resubscribe process is one-click.

Bruno Lopes

Actually this would be great to me because while I nowadays use NHibernate, I sometimes have to do maintenance work on a linq2sql project. Buying a subscription just during the maintenance periods would make a bit more sense than buying a license just for this project.


Great idea! Finally somebody is bold enough to try it. Actually, I would take it even further and offer hourly price. $1 per hour of usage.

Jason Y

It is very likely that I will be using this at some point in the future! Thanks!


Awesome stuff Ayende. I like using NHProf for small projects as a learning tool but once my trial ran out, I couldn't justify the cost for something I just "played" with. $16 is less than I spend on iTunes a month so it makes it perfect for me to use when I need to.

Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein

Great news! This makes it a lot easier for independent or hobbyist developers like me to use the profiler. :)

Thank you!



Happy happy joy joy.

Ayende Rahien


Hourly price is a big headache.


Great news. Will definitely be using this for personal projects.


thank you


Can I pay subscription with PayPal? I see the icon for PayPal but I can only select Credit card?


hm, I think those who paid full price might feel pissed off... effectively, you can now get the product for less than 10% of its initial price. And who uses profiler all the time anyway?

Ayende Rahien


I don't think so. you are paying a monthly fee vs. a one time fee.

Those are two very different things.

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