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Yes please :)

I'm guessing this is a scenario you don't have tests for :)


Do you mean that emails sent by your website get thrown into the spam folder of gmail (and maybe other email providers)?

Yes, please tell. And maybe some quick pointers on how to solve it? :)

Nice theme by the way! :)

Ayende Rahien


I mean, it get thrown into MY spam folder.

There really isn't much you can do about it for other users


If it gets thrown in your spam folder, maybe other people (your customers) that have a gmail account also get the email in their spam box?

I have a website where this is the case. I'm trying to solve it using SPF records, but haven't managed to fix it yet. But it sure is a nuisance to my customers and myself if they ask 'where is the confirmation email?' and I have to point them to the spam folder.

Do you want to fix it for other users, or do you warn that it may end up in the spam folder and they have to look there?

Martin Henderson

Might want to add a "add this address" during check-out process. Google takes a lot of things into account when determining spam, and some of those are:

1) Is the sender known to the community (i.e. on x number of contact lists or inbox)

2) How much mail is sent out from sender in x period of time

3) Is the domain known? (existence of site, index time & quality of site/# of bad requests to site)

4) If i do a reverse lookup on the sender, does the IP address match, and does the sender verify mail will be coming from the domain (SPF records)

5) Does the sender send an email that matches key terms or structure (heavy images, multiple domain requests for images, or

known terms)

If it's only email sent to @gmail.com or a google apps address, odds are google flagged # 3 or # 5. If other domains are having the same issue, it could be any or all of them. For google, time and checking the number of 404's are good bets, also make sure your root site is indexable. for others, contact your host or email provider.


Most cloud providers have their ip space blackholed on the major spam black hole lists. I know EC2 definitely is. GoGrid might have been added recently.

Ayende Rahien


There are some things that you can do to avoid having your emails marked as spam, but at the end, it is the decision of the email provider / email program, and you have relatively little control over that.

Ayende Rahien


It was marked as spam because I marked a spam message that was generated via the email form as spam, that caused the service account to be considered spam.

Ayende Rahien

Which is why I wouldn't use an SMTP on the cloud. I use Gmail for that

Steve Py

Dunno if I'm missing the point, but my assumption would be that a confirmation for an order placed by someone else (Possibly the e-mail below) was sent to your Spam folder. (And should have been sent back to the purchaser.)

Possible issues:

  • A user manually entered your email address on the payment page? - I can't see that likely happening.

  • Do you have some kind of purchase mode built into an application that might have been deployed in a test/debug mode with your e-mail address automatically populated?

If the previous message is the order request it kind of leans to the second posibility since I don't see an option to add comments (I.e. "Hi dude! ...") along with the order. :)


Ayende : I had pretty much same problem with my new product. I was using Google Apps to send it, even then it was being flagged as SPAM. Finally I was able to find that direct link to my setup exe in the mail was the cause of the problem, once I removed that link and instead put link to download page, it got resolved. I hope it's not the same issue for you.

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