My new laptop – 2010 edition

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Well, it arrived two days ago, but I only just finished doing the bare bones installation. My new laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad W510 (4319-29G, if anyone really cares). I have been a happy Thinkpad user for a long time, so it seems to be a natural choice. One think that I did directly off the bat, though, was to replace the HD that it came with with an SSD one.

It seems to be a pretty nice machine, so far.


I find it highly amusing that the slowest part here is actually the memory.

One thing that i do find unforgivable, however, is the install from scratch experience. Since i replaced the HD, I installed the machine using Win7, and after a successful installation, the computer could neither connect to the internet or use USB. That meant that in order to get drivers (you know, so I can connect to the internet or use USB) I had to burn a CD. It felt so 90s.

Even more unforgivable?


After being able to go on the net and download all the drivers for my machine, I still can’t get USB to work. There doesn’t seem to be any USB drivers for my model, which I find extremely puzzling.

At a minimum, I would expect Lenovo to include a drivers disk.