NHibernate new featureNo proxy associations

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About three weeks ago I introduced the problem of ghost objects in NHibernate. In short, given the following model:


This code will not produce the expected result:

var comment = s.Get<Comment>(8454);
if(comment.Post is Article)

You can check the actual post for the details, it related to proxying and when NHibernate decides to load a lazy loaded instance. In short, however, comment.Post is a lazy loaded object, and NHibernate, at this point in time, has no idea what it is. But since it must return something, it returns a proxy of Post, which will load the actual instance when needed. That leads to some problems when you want to down cast the value.

Well, I got fed up with explaining about this and set about to fix the issue. NHibernate now contains the following option:

<many-to-one name="Post" lazy="no-proxy"/>

When lazy is set to no-proxy, the following things happen:

  • The association is still lazy loaded (note that in older versions of NHibernate, setting it to no-proxy would trigger eager loading, this is no longer the case).
  • The first time that you access the property the value will be loaded from the database, and the actual type will be returned.

In short, this should completely resolve the issue.

However, not the key phrase here, like lazy properties, this work by intercepting the property load, so if you want to take advantage of this feature you should use the property to access the value.

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