Stupid support emails, #4

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I am having a friendly competition with a friend about the stupidest support questions that we get from random people we never met. I posted about this previous, but I really can’t resist posting the content of something that I just received, it is either that or figure out how to send a nuke via email.


Im f[removed] from Malaysia…. I has look at ur website about SOA. Did u do SOA application? Actually im a new learner, my knowledge are 0 about programming. I take an e-commerce course, at here I just do like a practical for 6 month and now I need to do on SOA. If u can help, I need some information about SOA, how to integrate the application, service and database. I help u can help me…

Thank you,

Best Regards;


This is the actual email text, I merely removed this guy name.

Therefore, I unilaterally declare myself the winner of the stupidest support emails contest.