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My name is Oren Eini
Founder of Hibernating Rhinos LTD and RavenDB.
You can reach me by phone or email:


+972 52-548-6969

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Dror Helper

Just bought it - thanks

I hope you'll find something to buy with the nickel you just made :)


Juz bought it. Thanks.

joel hebert

Good read I got it for the full price and it is very good , the humour is also fun. Boo is a great language and Ayende a good puppeteer for the DSL's and boo

junior programmer

it seems it only works with ebook. people have said with other promotions the code sometimes works also on ebook + print.


Bought it :)

junior programmer

One thing I don' like so far is the way you keep using your "3rd party libraries" like Rhino.DSL in all your examples. I thought book like DSL in Boo should be generic enough to avoid using 3rd part libraries, just like what you did in your NHibernate MSDN article.

Ayende Rahien


You have to use something to manage DSL concerns (which are different from compiler concerns). Look at chapter 7, it will help explain things.

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