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NHibernate webcasts series

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Rob Conery and I had sat down and started recording a series of webcasts on NHibernate, which will show up on TekPub. TekPub is a paid service, and there are two NHibernate screen casts there already. We plan to have lots more.

I got a lot of requests for making my NHibernate courses available to a wider audience. And this is a way for you to get a ton of NHibernate content. So far the reactions that we got were very positive.

Oh, and as a side effect, you get to see NH Prof used by the person who wrote it, you might learn a thing or two about extracting information from the profiler.


Mikael Henriksson

Hey, can we have some more episodes please!! :)

Kyle Szklenski

They misspelled your last name ("Oren Eine") in the preview, and the descriptions have at least the typical "it's" mistake in them.

Ayende Rahien


There will be more, LOTS more.


Yes, I know :-)

John Cleric

I have purchased the series and found the first two episodes to be quite good. How often do you intend on releasing subsequent episodes? Nice work!

Ayende Rahien


I hope to record my next part tomorrow


Could you please release a complete roadmap for this series...

Wayne Molina

I'm new to NHibernate and I have yet to watch all of Rob's MVC Storefront series. As I understand it you guys are using the "Kona" extended storefront project fir the NHibernate series.

Should I watch the mvc storefront series first before I watch the nhibernate series? Also, is the series geared towards nhibernate newbies?

Thanks and keep up the good work; I enjoy reading your blog!

Ayende Rahien


I would say that it is useful, but not necessary.

And yes, the series is geared toward newbies.

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