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LinqToSql Profiler & NHibernate Profiler – What is happening?

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About two weeks ago I posted my spike results of porting NHProf to Linq to SQL, a few moments ago I posted screenshots of the code that is going to private beta.

I spent most of the last week working on the never-ending book, but that is a subject for a different post. Most of the time that I actually spent on the profiler wasn’t spent on integrating with Linq to SQL. To be frank, it took me two hours to do basic integration to Linq to SQL. That is quite impressive, considering that is from the point of view of someone who never did anything more serious with it than the hello world demo, and it was years ago. The Linq to SQL codebase is really nice.

Most of the time went into refactoring the profiler. I know that I am going to want to add additional OR/Ms (and other stuff) there, so I spent the time to make the OR/M into a concept in the profiler. That was a big change, but it was mostly mechanical. All the backend changes are done, and plugging in a new OR/M should take about two hours, I guess.

For Linq to SQL, however, the work is far from over, while we are now capable of intercepting, displaying and analyzing Linq to SQL output, the current Linq to SQL profiler, as you can see in the screen shots, is using the NHibernate Profiler skin, we need to adapt the skin to match Linq to SQL (different names, different options, etc).

That is the next major piece of work that we have left to do before we can call the idea of OR/Ms as a concept done, and release Linq to SQL as a public beta.



Fabulous news!

I'm currently working a sub consultant in a project where the customer required Microsoft technologies and OR/M. Given that the only options then are EF and L2S, I'm glad that they settled on L2S. It is, for its (not all) intents and purposes, a very nice framework, but it could have matured into something even better. The codebase is full of extensibility points, which unfortunately will never be public.

Still, since we're actively using it, I'm sure I will find a lot of use for the profiler.


L2S is color "blue and white" in my mind, so I would welcome changing the default theme color... :)

changing the colors for various ORMs can be an advantage, later on images on the internet can make more sense without looking on the logo which ORM was profilled...

this is a great achievement you've made Oren, profiling ORMs is a unique thing...

Ayende Rahien


Agreed, that is part of the skin changes that we want to make

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