What is up with the Entity Framework vNext?

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Every now and then I do a quick check on the EF blog, just to see what there status is. My latest peek had caused me to gulp. I am not sure where the EF is going with things, I just know that I don’t really like it.

For a start, take a look at the follow sample from their Code Only mapping (basically Fluent NHibernate):

e => new {
manager = e.Manager.Id
thisIsADiscriminator = “E”

There are several things wrong here: “manager” and “thisIsADiscriminator” are strings for all intent and purposes. The compiler isn’t going to check them, they aren’t there to do something, they are just there to avoid being a literal string. But they are strings.

Worse, “thisIsADiscriminator” is a magic string.

Second, and far more troubling, I am looking at this class definition and I cringe:

public class Category{
public int ID {get;set;}
public string Name {get;set;}
public List<Product> Products {get;set;}

The problem is quite simple, this class has no hooks for lazy loading. You have to load everything here in one go. Worse, you probably need to load the entire graph in one go. That is scaring me on many levels.

I am not sure how the EF is going to handle it, but short of IL Rewrite techniques, which I don’t think the EF is currently using, this is a performance nightmare waiting to happen.