PayPal: It may be your account, but you aren’t going to use it

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In general, I have been very happy with PayPal over the years. Recently, however, I have become quite frustrated with it. I am using it quite often to send and accept money to people I am working with, and for a while now, I have been unable to do so.

Apparently, my actions has been caught by some automated security systems and they decided to ban any transactions on my account. That is actually acceptable from my point of view. I feel better knowing that there are active attempts to protect me from fraud or theft.

What I don’t find acceptable is that when I called PayPal to try to resolve that, the response that I got was: It is an act of God, nothing we mere mortals can do about it.

I understand all about false positives, and aside from the annoyance factor, they are acceptable if they aren’t happening very often. What I am not able to comprehend is responses such as: No one in PayPal can help you. And that is after I already escalated to a supervisor!

I recorded my conversation with PayPal, you can download it here or just listen:

I find the whole thing utterly infuriating, and totally unacceptable.