The BIG Merge

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Merging is one of my least favorite activities, this is especially true when we are talking about a big merge. You might have noticed that I have been talking lately about some big changes that we are making to NH Prof. And now the time has come to merge it all back together.

Well, big changes is quite an understatement, to be fair. what we did is rip apart the entire model the application used to work with. We moved from a push model to a pull model, and that had quite a lot of implications throughout the code base.

Of course, we also did some work on the trunk while we worked on that, so before we can even think about reintegrating the branch, we have to do a merge from the trunk to the branch, which resulted in:


Now, the problem is that this is totally stupid.

Nitpicker corner:
   And yes, I am using Subversion, and before the Git fanboys totally jump on me, I am seriously considering moving to Git to ease this sort of pain.
   And yes, I should have done reverse merges to the  branch all along, so before the Subversion fanboys totally jump on me, I know that.

It is stupid because there are some changes that has been made in parallel in both branches, there are some changes that involve deleting or renaming files that are just not being merged. And yes, I am using SVN 1.5. So, after resolving all the conflicts, I have to do a manual check over this, to make sure that we didn’t miss a merge because of that. I am at the point of so much Argh! that I can’t really keep it inside, hence this post.

A common example that I know is going to hit me is something like FormattedStatement, which is a pretty important class. In the branch, that was changed to be SqlStatement, and I renamed the file as well. Subversion doesn’t merge changes across that. And yes, I used svn rename for that (via Visual SVN).

And, to add insult to injury, doing this manual checking means a lot of going over the network, which means that this is slow.