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Saying goodbye to proprietary software

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I have been doing Open Source stuff for five years plus now, you could say that it defines a lot of what I do. Increasingly, but for a long time, I have been feeling uncomfortable in my position as an Open Source developer that works on a proprietary operating system and proprietary platform.

I have been spending more and more time investigating alternative technologies, as you probably noticed, and by now I think that I have accumulated enough knowledge to deal with the shift without causing too much pain for me.

I am writing this post on my new machine, a Linux box running Debian. This seems like a good match for my position, since Debian doesn't allow non free software on their distribution. I repaved my Macs as well. OS X has started life as free software, but is it no longer free.

I had some issues along the way, but nothing that was truly serious. Now, to the development environment. I considered moving to Java, since it is now truly Open Source and is very similar to .Net. However, its roots are non Free, and I would like to make a clean break from non Free software. I considered Ruby as well, but I don't like it very much. Nothing specific beyond the it is too much of a buzzward.

Combining both personal preference and political stance, I decided to go with Erlang, which is Free and Open Source for over a decade. I have been digging in CouchDB's code lately, and it is very interesting.

That is all for now.

Oh, and you might experience some problems with the blog. I am moving it from Subtext (which is OSS, but running on non OSS platform) to Drupal on Linux.


Richard M. Stallman

Interesting -- I assume that your new political stance means that NH Prof will be released under a "Free and Open Source" license, right?


Any word on when AyendeOS is coming out?

Jeff Barnes

@Ayende: I hate to hear that. Such a blow to the .NET community. I hope you change your mind in a day or so ;-)

@Jonathan I would love to see that OS!


April Fools


hehe. you're the first to pull something that i've seen, but I'm still going thru my rss feeds.

Jake Scott

You could always move to mono....


Good one, Ayende!

Alexander Nikitin

Yeah, nice move :)

AyendeOS is now even more desirable))

addy santo

you fools [April], it will be obviously named Ayendos :)


Damn! You got me, until I saw the first comments. Good one !


Good joke!


that a great one, Happy April fools' day


Ha! its funny because its NOT true!


That will be no diff to me - I've been havin a hard time following your lines of thought even in a somewhat familiar env.


Too tell the truth: I did not realize it was the 1st Apr until I read the comments - It sucks getting old.



Nice one. You almost got me there, but the bit about moving to Erlang exclusively made it clear that you can't be serious. Happy April!


Good by Ayende!

                              FOREVER AND EVER

                                                                                  Proprietary Software TM
Parag Mehta

Hi Ayende,

I almost believed until I saw a April Fool's day. We don't want you to move out from .NET . Alt.NET is not "Not.NET"!


You almost got me with this one. Wow..

I was just minifying the URL for a twitter posting when I saw the date..

great joke though, but it would have been very sad for the .NET community if you really left.




@Addy -- AyenDOS does sound better.


On a serious note, give mono a chance! I host .NET web solutions on Debian and it works a treat!


This is a joke right? (Apr 1st)

Adieu Ayende


Congratulations on the brave move out of capitalistic imperialism. There are some Debiansecurity holes you may want to watch out for though...


Happy April Fool's!


Hey man, you don't have to leave Subtext, it now runs on Mono and MySQL. But only if you use my OSS non-proprietary hardware, motherboards, and CPUs.


Chris Holmes

Best April Fools post.

Well done Oren :=)

Now get to work on AyendeOS...

Omer Mor

Darn! You got me fooled.

At work we get to see your posts, but without the comments.

So you got me fooled for the whole day, until I got home and read the comments.


Nicely done, sir. Nicely done.


Fooled me due to the fact that

A) It's totally believable, others have done it before

B) I was reading it at 10pm on March 31st



Good one :)

Manoj Waikar

Ohhhhhhh...........I wish it were true ;-)

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